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Rates: (temporary)

$40 for 30 minutes

$55 for 45 minutes

$70 for 60 minutes


 In demand for her inspiring and knowledgable teaching, Josefien Stoppelenburg has given vocal masterclasses Indiana University-Jacobs School of Music, University of Colorado, Illinois State University, Cincinnati Bach Ensemble and the Arizona Bach Festival. ​ ​She taught at the International School Choral Music Society ( in Seoul/ Korea, Beijing/ China, in Shanghai/ China and gave masterclasses in the Dominican Republic.


Stoppelenburg is very much in demand as a private vocal coach in the Chicago area. Her students represent all musical styles. In the lessons there is a great focus on vocal health, authenticity and interpretation. ​

"While I expected Josefien to to be a great performer, I had no idea that she was such a fine teacher. She displayed the hallmarks of a great mentor: She was patient and exciting and supportive and inventive throughout several days of intense teaching. Every student drew out a different knowledge base within her, and Josefien was incredible at diagnosing issues accurately, and then finding just the right approaches to address them. Each vocalist improved according to where they were in their personal development. I watched a shy student blossom and the most advanced student rise to a completely new level. She never attacked, but also never relented in her search for a result that would result in transformation of the student with whom she was working. Yet all the while there was some magic at work in the room. Students were engaged, joyful, comfortable and challenged.
I expect to collaborate many more times with Josefien Stoppelenburg. She's the kind of artist that is all to rare. A great musician and a well-balanced human being."

John Thomas Dodson; Music Director of Michigan's Lexington Bach Festival and Conciertos de la Villa de Santo Domingo

Masterclass Indiana University