Tarquinio Merula: Su la cetra amorosa:

G.F. Handel: La Lucrezia/Gia nel seno

Stephen Alltop-harpsichord. Adriana La Rosa Ransom Cello:

Franz Liszt Liebestraum. Ensemble Brothers and Sisters:

J.Rodrigo Adela

with Brandon Jack Acker, guitar:

Boulder Bach Festival Handel Gloria (segment)

Mozart Exsultate Jubilate-snippet:

OLGA by Willem Stoppelenburg

(Kafka-The Castle)In this 8 minute highly virtuosic piece for solo soprano, the girl Olga tries to tell her tragic life story.The poem is a fictional language, a mixture of German, Jiddish, Czech and Dutch:

POULENC- La Voix Humaine

International Chamber Opera Festival:

Canteloube Chants D'Auvergne: Bailero

Rembrandt Chamber Players (Chicago):

D. Buxtehude Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied/ Ensemble Black Tulip