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September 2022:
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Modern Muses won a Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards!

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"Josefien is a superb musician. Besides her stunning technique, she brings great intelligence, understanding, and thoughtful expression to every performance she gives. It has been great pleasure to work with such a fine artist on many diverse projects, each of which she prepared at the highest professional level"

Craig Trumpeter-Founder&Artistic Director Haymarket Opera Company Chicago

" an astonishing singer"
Chicago Tribune

"Josefien was outstanding in the solo part in Annelies. I have heard many performances but few so accomplished and so full of understanding as hers."

James Whitbourn, composer of 'Annelies'.

“I was so lucky to have soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg as part of the cast for my festival’s concert performance of Handel’s “Orlando.”  She arrived beautifully prepared, immediately made friends with her colleagues, and sang gorgeously throughout. She brought her clear, luminous coloratura and warm, compelling presence to the role of Angelica , to the obvious pleasure of our audience.  Her exemplary preparedness and thorough-going professionalism were made all the more enjoyable by her delightful and collegial demeanor.”

Elizabeth Blumenstock-concertmaster, soloist, and leader of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Philharmonia Baroque and American Bach Soloists, concertmaster of the International Handel Festival in Göttingen, Germany, and artistic director of the Corona del Mar Baroque Music Festival;

"The first time I heard Josefien sing I was stunned by the clarity of pitch and articulation. The second time I watched her capture an entire audience within seconds. Now I just take all that for granted and enjoy the wonderful personality and the professionalism that comes with the package. She is a superb musician, always immaculately prepared, and an artist on stage. Bach would have written just for her."

Scott Youngs, Artistic Director Arizona Bach Festival

“Of the soloists, soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg stood out for her creamy tone, dead-on accuracy and dramatic interpretation. Everything she touched shone.”

Chicago Classical Review

I look forward to every chance I get to work with Josefien, because she is the ideal singer. Not only is she an amazing virtuoso of her breathtakingly beautiful instrument, but Josefien is so much more. She is an extremely intelligent musician, loves to do daring projects and is always open to ideas off the beaten track. She always brings her wonderful sense of humor and natural lightheartedness to every rehearsal and concert. No wonder audiences are completely mesmerized by her performances!

Mario Aschauer, conductor, harpsichordist, and musicologist; Assistant Professor of Musicology at Sam Houston State University 

"Josefien Stoppelenburg is a musician's musician, a true virtuosa, and a favorite at Boulder Bach Festival. Her flexibility is remarkable, and her awareness of the entire score makes her a true joy to work with in rehearsals and performance."

Zachary Carrettin, Music Director, Boulder Bach Festival

Josefien delights both her audience and her colleagues with her captivating artistry and personality. Working with her on stage and in the television studio is a pleasure not-to-be-missed!

George Stelluto, Associate Conductor of the Ravinia Festival & Music Director of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra

"Josefien Stoppelenburg is a consummate artist, and performing with her is pure joy. Her technique is impeccable: perfect intonation, astounding agility, pure, free and flexible tone, and she helps everyone else have a great performing experience. I highly recommend her."

John Jost-Artistic Director Peoria Bach Festival

" superstar soloist"

Opus Colorado

Soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg will soon perform with us for the 4th time in six years.  We are always delighted to include her in our performances.  She arrives to the first rehearsal completely prepared and confident, yet flexible to make any adjustment to accommodate the venue.  Her stage presence is as excellent as her vocal production, and she connects with our audience as well as our chorus and orchestra members.  She understands the music and historical style.  Whether onstage or in informal settings Josefien is always pleasant and a joy to be around.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call her for future projects.

A. Dennis Sparger, D.M.A.
Music Director and Conductor
The Bach Society of Saint Louis

His four-line poem "Dawn" was given simple and direct treatment by Garrop, and it was sung with beautiful phrasing by soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg, with polished accompaniment by Stephen Alltop at the piano. Next came a setting of the famous poem "We real cool," by Pulitzer Prize winner Gwendolyn Brooks, the first black Laureate of the United States. The overlapping lines were delivered in staccato style, and the final line, spoken by Stoppelenburg, "We die young," came across like a slap in the face.

Champaign-Urbana News gazette

Josefien Stoppelenburg is a remarkable musician, a vocal marvel and a voice teacher of the highest order. When I first heard her sing I remember saying to myself, "I have to find a way to work with her," and when the opportunity arose I was more than pleased with the results. Josefien's background as a member of a family of musicians showed through in every way. She prepares herself at such a profound level that she is completely free to focus on bringing ideas to life in her music-making. She is at ease with other musicians of a very high standard, so she can truly collaborate as an equal. Her technique and command of languages is beyond reproach, so she can take musical risks without having to hold back or direct her attention away from the moment at hand. She is completely comfortable on the stage, and, after the performance when she met members of the public she revealed herself as a true ambassador for the art. She has such a naturally joyful personality that everyone was drawn to her, yet not once did she display a moment of ego. She was simply present to everything and everyone

While I expected Josefien to to be a great performer, I had no idea that she was such a fine teacher. She displayed the hallmarks of a great mentor: She was patient and exciting and supportive and inventive throughout several days of intense teaching. Every student drew out a different knowledge base within her, and Josefien was incredible at diagnosing issues accurately, and then finding just the right approaches to address them. Each vocalist improved according to where they were in their personal development. I watched a shy student blossom and the most advanced student rise to a completely new level. She never attacked, but also never relented in her search for a result that would result in transformation of the student with whom she was working. Yet all the while there was some magic at work in the room. Students were engaged, joyful, comfortable and challenged.

I expect to collaborate many more times with Josefien Stoppelenburg. She's the kind of artist that is all to rare. A great musician and a well-balanced human being. A true colleague and, now, a dear friend.

John Thomas Dodson- American conductor,  Music Director of Michigan's Lexington Bach Festival and Conciertos de la Villa de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"Josefien Stoppelenburg brought her crystalline soprano and keen expressive penetration of words and music to Merula's "Su la cetra amorosa"

Chicago Tribune

Soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg well conveyed the intense emotions of the more serious passages.

Poulenc Gloria with Champaign Urbana Symphony Orchestra

Champaign Urbana News Gazette

" superstar soloist"

Opus Colorado

"Stoppelenburg heroically soared above the thick instrumental background, providing one of the most thrilling moments of the evening."

Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado


Stoppelenburg has a soprano voice of remarkable purity and clarity, and her singing in the “Confiteor” was exquisite.

Sharps& Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado


“Of the soloists, soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg stood out for her creamy tone, dead-on accuracy and dramatic interpretation. Everything she touched shone.”

Chicago Classical Review

" ..Stoppelenburg's clear, pure soprano soared.."

" a luminous stream of vocal color"

Chicago Sun Times

" ..Stoppelenburg is a well prepared soloist"

St Louis Today

"Soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg communicated persuasively both through word and gesture. In the three pieces that are children’s songs, she clearly appeared to enjoy herself, infecting the audience. But in the exception, chilly and ritualistic, she also achieved a lovely soft stillness over the trilling flute.
Chicago Tribune

" A beautiful operatic voice"

LA Splash


"Stoppelenburg commands an agile, rhythmically exact soprano"

 Chicago Tribune


"...soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg brought a creamy timbre, range and agility to Aci’s two sublime arias" 

Chicago Tribune  Aci, Galatea e Polifemo with the Haymarket Opera Company


" floating, full-toned expression"

Chicago Tribune

"soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg"..." crooned and soared and scat-sang with plenty of energy"

Stoppelenburg sounded unfazed by the cruelly high vocal tessitura of some of her music.”

Chicago Tribune

“Josefien Stoppelenburg was the clear standout in the three-woman cast. The statutuesque soprano was wholly convincing in the trousers role of the anguished, lovelorn Tirsi. Stoppelenburg sang with confidence and impressive agility, her bravura account of Tirsi’s Act 2 aria, sailing through the florid coloratura, eliciting the most enthusiastic ovation of the evening. The soprano was also the most engaged with the work’s comedy, her rangy physicality and mutable expressions consistently amusing.

Chicago Classical Music

"Superb solo turns by soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg"

Chicago Classical Review

“winning soprano Josefien Stoppelenburg (the fine Aci in Haymarket’s first production, Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo”) ..with Stoppelenburg especially convincing as a lovestruck and moralistic young man.”

Chicago Sun Times


​"Josefien Stoppelenburg was primo as Mary Magdalene, her voice imbued with the soft twinkle of twilight. Her aria Jesus was not afraid weaved seamlessly around dueling flutes and her impassioned duo with countertenor Ian Howell (Cleophas) did justice to Sweet nails, beloved thorns.” 

Chicago Classical Music 

“Josefien Stoppelenburg, soprano, brings to life a humorously resourceful Aci, rightly infusing the character with an appropriately plucky presumption while engaged in a game of what is effectively“brains verses the beast” with the cyclops."

"Stoppelenburg’s transparent and crystalline tone is particularly captivating in her death scene where the timbre completely downshifts into shadows and you wonder if you are even listening to the same soprano – a wonderful effect.”

 Chicago Classical Music

​“Stoppelenburg was particularly good, navigating both the pace Clarke set and the demands of the music with apparent ease. Topping it off, she ornamented with taste”.

Crosspalms Handel Messiah with Baroque Band

".It was clear that these sisters and brothers were in the same musical league: their music making was of a sublime harmony."

De Stentor Charlotte& Josefien Stoppelenburg with Martijn and Stefan Blaak

'Highly virtuosic and excellent musicians.'

Meppeler Courant Charlotte & Josefien with Martijn & Stefan Blaak​

              "An astonishing singer"

                   Chicago Tribune

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